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Welcome to SSG Power

SSG Power Private Limited is founded in 2012 to spread the renewable energy to decrease carbon emission in the earth. Our earth is in the direction of global warming. Earth’s warmth is rising day by day. This is initiated when greenhouse gases produces heat and light from the sun to the earth's atmosphere and so the temperature increases. This sways numerous persons, animals and plants. Due to global warming the sea rise occurs. This will lead to the break in food chain or chain reaction and so on. Global warming is furthermore due to pollutions. This determinants acid rain which slowly decimates everything it touches. Global warming destroys the forests. Many scientists and environmentalists feel that there must be a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in order to decrease global warming. Electrical Pollutions is one of the main cause to global warming which affects when fossil fuels (oil and petroleum) are burnt to create electrical energy. Its better to use less amount of electricity. Sunlight is the world’s biggest power source and for thousands of years. In less than an hour, Earth receives more energy in the form of sunlight than it does from the fossil fuels it burns in a year.

We, SSG Power Pvt ltd take part in green movement to give safe and clean earth to our next generation. We do this by providing solar system. We have achieved ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 for our best quality service. We manufacturer High quality Solar products such as solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverter, solar PCU, solar charge controllers, solar water heater, solar street light, LED lights hybrid solar unit, complete solar packages and many more solar products. We provide these solar products in affordable cost to the society. We also offer ON & OFF grid electrification solar power projects, Rooftop solars and other applications. At present we have started electrifying TamilNadu with solar power projects and designing to spread all over India and worldwide.

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1000 plus Rooftop Solar System have been installed so far.

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